7m Dishwasher: From A to B

C&C Catering Engineers Ltd were recently required to dismantle, re-locate, and re-install a large flight dishwasher at a large school project in Sussex. The equipment was needed at a difference location on the same premises, and totalled over 7 metres in length.

The equipment had to be carefully taken apart and the heat recovery unit taken off, followed by a short transportation to its new location. Good time management was essential due to a very tight timescale, requiring the dishwasher to be operational again to suit the school’s upcoming events.

C&C Catering Engineers Director Keith Hartharn commented, “We were pleased to successfully move this large piece of equipment within the necessary time frame, enabling the school to fulfil its commitments. We employed Meiko to help and provide us with technical assistance which we were grateful for. At one point we had 8 engineers working together to ensure a successful move for the equipment.”